Microbiology Flaschcard #1

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Culture plate

MiF #1
Clinical Features :
Healthcare associated infections like UTI following catherization, burn infection, wound infection, ecthyma gangrenosum, infection in neutropenic pts; resp tract infection in cystic fibrosis pt, chronic suppurative otitis

Virulence Factors :
Alginate (biofilm), Exotoxin-A (mech like Diphtheria toxin) inhibits EF-2, LPS, pili, Elastase, Exoenzyme-S

Culture & Gram Reaction :
Sputum & blood samples used.
Obligate aerobe, grape like odor. Exuberant growth on ordinary media. Iridescent patch on nutrient agar. NLF on MacConkey.
Gram negative bacilli, motile polar flagella, noncapsulated, blue-green pigment produced.
Can grow on dettol or cetrimide selective media.

Biochemicals :
Catalase + Oxidase + (prompt rxn)
Nitrate reduced to nitrite Arginine dihydrolase test +

Control & Treatment
Killed at 55C in 1hr. Resistant to common antiseptics & disinfectants.
Susceptible to silver (used topically in burn pts).
Ceftazidime, Cefepime

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